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Epilogue-prologue by design soil.

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Design Soil is a design project by teaching staff and students, from the product design department at , who are design lovers. As a design university, we have attempted to create a space which let young designers to think and create things one by one slowly yet steadily like plants grow in soil.”

’s latest project is Epilogue-Prologue, a collection of pieces intended to “walk along together for a long period of time” – from the epilogue to the prologue, get it? Rollin’ Rollin’ stool is a basic beech-wood frame with a spindle attached to the base, allowing you to make use leftover yarn or the remnants of a old sweater. You create the cushion yourself (you might need two sweaters if you like it extra soft) and when it’s worn out simply take a jumper out your Goodwill donation bag and make yourself another.

Growth is a coat rack that’s almost too cute for words. Each movable hanger is assigned to a member of your family, so you can track the growth of your kids along the rack instead of marking up a perfectly nice doorway. My favorite, though, is Steps, a bench with a removable cushion. I love the simplicity of the bench but also the functionality of the cushion, shown here in classic robin’s egg blue. You can use in a couple of ways: as a bench with a tufted seat and room to the side for your papers or coffee. You can take the cushion out and use it somewhere else in the room or you can lift it out of its hole and let you child use it as a desk.

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