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Graffiti bots programmed to get arrested.

two bots provide excellent example of duality: getting arrested or providing a public service. yesterday, chicago’s new mayor rahm emanuel’s budget austerity proposal passes 50-0. 500-plus municipal jobs slashed but not the graffiti crew. not many would agree but tasteful art and graffiti can improve urban eyesores that suffer from neglect. the above bot is labeled “the senseless drawing bot” in the blogosphere. can the senseless drawing bot provide a public service? i think he has the talent to do beautiful work.

below: now on the other hand this bot does not have the talent nor provides the spontaneous creative moment for the 99% . 1% will try it. 100% gets arrested.

above: do you think street art ( graffiti ) can be an effective agent of change?

[ spectrum-ieee ] [ i09 ] [ laughing squid ] [ unurth ]

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