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Stijl by alexander seifried.

German designer Alexander Seifried named his latest furniture collection after , the Dutch art and design movement that advocated “pure abstraction and universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and color.” Traditionally -ers focused on vertical and horizontal lines and used only primary colors in addition to black and white. That’s a bit limiting, and though I appreciate the rigors of , black, blue, red and yellow furniture doesn’t exactly assimilate very well into too many homes nowadays.

Fortunately, Seifried didn’t think so either. His Stijl collection updates white to include raw birch wood and black to include shades of gray. Added bonus? It’s something of a BIY (build-it-yourself) unit. The main component is a desk with a bright yellow drawer. When you add any combination of the chair, seat, bench and corner bench piece, it becomes a dining table. If you buy two of each elements you get a full circle of seats. What’s Dutch for wunderbar? (Okay, I couldn’t help looking it up: prachtig!)

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