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Olivetti manual typewriter.

olivetti1I came across an typewriter for sale on ( surprising to me ) urban outfitters.

The typewriter and company brought back memories of ad campaigns running from the 50s – 70s. It’s where I discovered Italian design, Milton Glazer, Walter Balmer.


above: designed by giovanni pintori for the olivetti saldiermaschinen via ninonbooks


above: designed by giovanni pintori for the olivetti studio 44 via ninonbooks


above: designed by ettore sottsass for the olivetti valentine – 1969 ( note various artists commissioned to the valentine, branding 101 ) via ninonbooks


above: designed by milton glaser for the olivetti valentine – 1969 via ninonbooks


above: designed by Egidio Bonfante for the Olivetti Valentine – 1970 via ninonbooks


above: designed by yoshitaro isaka for the olivetti valentine – 1969 via ninonbooks


above: designed by paul rand for the olivetti lettera 22 – 1953 via ninonbooks


above: designed by Walter Ballmer for the Olivetti Lettera 32 – 1964 (christmas) via ninonbooks


above: 1957 Christmas print ad for Olivetti Typewriters. via ninonbooks


above: designed by roberto pieracini for the olivetti exhibition via ninonbooks


above: designed by walter ballmer for the olivetti exibition – 1961 via ninonbooks

Producer: Olivetti ( today ) ( Olivetti ( wikipedia )) many many more images via ninonbooks


above: adriano olivetti

Editor’s note: this post inspires more research… Some employees of Getronics Italia ( who bought Olivetti ) have asked Beppe Grillo to give visibility to their story. Goodbye computer industry.


above: sketch of the famous ‘valentina’ typewriter by ettore sottsass

grain edit
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I love Glaser’s poster for Olivetti done in the style of the Met’s Gubbio Studiolo. It’s at once so Italian and so New York!

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Doing it with style is so much better!

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