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Meet brooklyn’s snarkitects.

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-based and studio Snarkitecture has received a lot of press in recent years for their experimental exhibition as well as for their installations for public art and retail spaces, but as a practice that’s interested in exploring spatial relationships on both a large and small scale, their objects shouldn’t be overshadowed by their larger work.

For starters there’s “Slab Table,” which riffs on the form of an iceberg, a motif used to great effect in 2010 in their storefront¬†Richard Chai in New York. The play on topographical mapping is also a major part of “Excavated Mirror,” the mirror’s edge mimicking the squiggly line of a cartographer’s water edge.

My personal favorites are their prototypes, especially “Ghost Chair,” (above) a simple black chair with a ‘ghostly’ white resin sheet frozen in place around it, whipped across its front as if by a fierce wind. “Erosion Table” is a big, white slab that looks as if its been eaten away by acid, and “Break Light” is a long, bent fluorescent tube hanging precariously from a single cord.

All their pieces are for sale. Email for inquiries.

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