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Material of the year 2009. Medium award winners.

[material conneXion announces first
medium award for material of the year 2009

Grand prize winner:
above: canvas. the fiber is impregnated with and only hardens when you add water.

Honorable mentions:

above: abtech industries’s smart sponge — absorbs oil but not water possibly solving the problem of
oil-spill cleanup.

above: objet geometries’s revolutionary new 3-D printers — rapid prototyping allows you to build objects out of only one material. these printers allow prototypes to be made all at once out of multiple materials.

above: innegrity’s innegra S fiber — the lightest alternative to kevlar that’s currently on the market.

above: quin media arts & sciences — creates textured metal cladding for buildings which change colors via lighting and where the viewer is standing.

above: arkema’s pebax renew — the first plant-based alternative, comprised of 95% plant-based materials, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. for example, existing rubbery foams used in sports shoes are currently resource intensive and derived from oil.

above: cellucomp’s curran — has a strength that rivals is a “biofiber” made from
processed carrots.

Award-Winner and 11 Finalists to be showcased in an Exhibition at
Material ConneXion, January 11-February 19, 2010


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