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chgo dsgn presents artistry / works in process.

23 September 2016 - 25 September 2016


live-action impressions, unique processes

renata graw
eileen gustafson
matthew hoffman
cody hudson
bud rodecker
amy schwartz
alisa wolfson

chgo dsgn’s rick valicenti invited seven designers to create a work to be produced by artistry engraving & embossing using three unique processes. valicenti provided curatorial direction inspired by america’s lingering culture of violence.

throughout time, the act of crafting messages mirrors popular culture.
this creative brief comes to you at a time when there is no escaping news of reoccurring senseless acts of violence. 
peace between love and hate, race and authority, understanding and misunderstanding hangs in a tenuous balance.
in response, please set the tone and tenor of your work to half mast. 
the vibe of this collection should be one of reflection and respect as we approach the climax of a contentious and revealing moment in our very polarized america.
as designers, we will not change the world, but we can (and should) illuminate truths which may awaken humankind.

over the course of three days, artistry will produce seven prints by these seven designers and assemble them into 200 limited edition portfolios available on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who attend and sign up to receive a set.

23–25 september 2016

live production schedule available here


Artistry Engraving and Embossing
6000 North Northwest Highway
Chicago, IL 60631 United States
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