Heightening awareness of design-driven objects.
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getting from point a to b with giulio cappellini. icff 2015.

do few things but do good things.

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tabanlıoğlu win a record three awards at ‘the plan’ 2015.

only architectural office to win three trophies at the ‘the plan’ 2015.

oma designs new fondazione prada milan campus.

art can now be shared with the public.

fluorisalone università statale. milan design week 2015.

13 april > 24 may 2015 | milan

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the best nycxdesign 2015 exhibits to visit at the 11th hour or later.

19 may > 15 november 2015 | nyc

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designers & books presents ladislav sutnar on kickstarter.

visual design in action – the book has been out of print for decades.

discover design & gia awards winners. housewares 2015.

it’s worth noting, video design submissions are compelling.

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felicia ferrone and christopher gentner present the space in between.

thru 31 may 2015 | chicago

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chicago’s original mad men.

if it doesn’t sell, it ain’t creative – leo burnett

apple and oculus rift virtual reality fans on pause.

most disappointing news is windows platform chosen over apple and linux systems, at least for now.

worried about self-driving cars on highway? don’t read this.

world’s first autonomous 18-wheeler is getting down to business.

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