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Google glass + fitness. #resolution14.

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was really introduced without much thought to its use. Probably because it doesn’t have to worry making money out of the gate. As a result there are more skeptics than believers. 2014 should convert many to the promise of ‘enhanced POV real-time visualization’ that’s now in the marketplace. Example, I just discovered [ Recon Snow2 ]: Many, me, ski for the thrill derived from falling a little out of control but these glasses conjur up a different motivation to hit the slopes. Note the emphasis on motivation as in what motivates one to use a product. That’s why Glass is perfectly tied to fitness because fitness for many, me, requires a great deal of motivation, passion, competition and fun.


DesignApplause is not a fitness destination but folks, this is the last week of the year and we know how almost empty the health clubs are this week and then packed in January and February. By March much of the motivation to ‘work’ has moved on. But just maybe Glass will be a life-changer. Stay fit, my friends. Happy New Year.

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