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Here is a product to help your house go . As you know, even when your giant plasma screen is dark it is not turned off. It’s never off but on standby silently sucking energy. Many other products to the same: the phone, phone charger, the stereo. A neat feature with this surge protector is it comes with a giant ON/OFF switch—that comes with a magnetic wall mount! As for why its good… two of the plugs are permanently on, where the rest of the plugs can be turned off with the giant switch to save energy.

Here is what Belkin says…

The new Belkin Conserve is an 8-outlet surge protector that makes it simple to eliminate wasteful standby power to your electronic devices, helping you reduce energy consumption, save money, and lower your overall impact on the environment.

Conserves wireless remote control keeps you from having to reach below desks, behind theater equipment or around furniture to easily access inconvenient places where surge protectors typically sit. With this handy remote control, you can completely shut off the power to devices that consume standby power, such as TVs or computer monitors, when you are done using them. Two “always-on” outlets allow you to leave devices that typically need to stay on, such as set-top boxes or modems. Goodmagazine has an informative graphic image “vampire energy” that indicates where the electricity goes.

Standby power, also known as phantom power:

* Is the wasted energy that devices consume while turned off, but still plugged into a power outlet
* Applies to numerous devices such as TVs, computers, computer peripherals, and various other devices, including battery chargers for phones

* The California Energy Commission estimates standby power losses in the average household to be as much as 15% of household electricity use

Summer 2008 in North America and UK
Fall 2008 in Europe and Australia
On Display At:

Conserve (BG108000) – US: $49.99
* Offers 8 surge-protected outlets: 6 “switchable” and 2 “always-on” outlets, allowing users to control energy use easily
* Slim, sleek design blends seamlessly in with today’s modern electronics and appliances
* Control multiple Conserves with a single remote control from virtually anywhere in the house with user-selectable channels
* “Switchable” and “always-on” outlets ideal for home theater or small office/home office
* Comes with a $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

via Belkin

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