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Top picks. Design miami/ basel 2013.

basel13-messehall1 design miami/ basel’s new herzog & de meuron designed home

Collectors, museum representatives, designers, architects and critics select their favorite work from [ Design Miami/ Basel ] 2013’s gallery program


Growth Chair | | Galerie Maria Wettergren | casted bronze 2012

“Growth Chair is arguably the most ambitious example yet attempted using a ‘digital seed’ that, guided by the designer’s protocols, grows wild in a virtual world.” ~Murray Moss / Principal, Moss Bureau


Wood Fossil Table 01 | | Gabrielle Ammann // Gallery | wood and epoxy resin 2012

“As a kid, I collected all kinds of things cast in resin. Later, when I studied at the Cooper Union in New York, I cast my architectural models in resin, and now I am truely fascinated to see this conservation and display technique applied to furniture on a larger scale. It´s the real thing, and yet it holds back from us. It is sentimental. It feels as if it’s from a different time, and yet demands state of the art care and extreme technological control in the production process.” ~ Jürgen Mayer / Architect, J. Mayer H.


Ribbon Chair | | Jousse Entreprise | steel-foam & fabric 1966

“I have always loved the ribbon chair for its fluid qualities. To me, it has a great sense of humor. It almost looks like a smiling face.”~Vicente Wolf / Interior Designer


Writing Desk | | Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery | rosewood, gunmetal & brass 1953

“The writing desk that Finn Juhl designed in 1953 consists of different elements: a drop-leaf made of rosewood, a metal tube supporting structure and a suspended four drawer cabinet. The different elements are clearly legible; Juhl broke with monumental gestures and the idea of material unity as well. Juhl’s writing desk is less organic than other danish design pieces of this time; he succeeded in blending international and danish tendencies. For me the writing desk is one of the most striking and convincing examples of modern design.” ~Hubertus Adam / Director, S AM – Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum


Collectors, museum representatives, designers, architects and critics select their favorite work from Design Miami/ Basel 2013’s gallery program.
Console & Mural | | Galerie Jacques Lacoste | carved marble 1939

“Giacometti’s work in marble is an inspiration to the forms and shapes that can be abstracted from such a material. It allows for the imagination to go beyond what we see.” ~Juan Montoya / Interior Designer


Pair of chairs | | Galerie Jacques Lacoste | chromium-plated tubular steel frames & leather ca. 1930

“My choice of two elegant chairs designed in the ’30’s by the great Eileen Gray, might have something to do with seeing her recent retrospective exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Artist, designer, architect, Eileen Gray was an anti-conformist and something of a jack-of-all-trades and I was bowled over by her diverse creativity. She was one of a rare breed of outstanding self-made women of her day, considered avant-garde and remarkable for breaking into a male dominated world. Most famous for her iconic lacquer tiled screens and carpets that resemble abstract canvases, even in her mid ’90’s, Miss Gray had an insatiable curiosity and she continue to work exploring and experimenting with new materials when the source of lacquer from China and Japan became scarce. The chromium-plated tubular steel and leather chairs I have selected, are restrained and almost austere. There is no showy flamboyance in their design. Rather a geometric simplicity and presence that has endured the passage of time.” ~Janice Blackburn / Curator and Journalist


Block containers | | Victor Hunt Designart Dealer | cast glass 2012

“I find these to be extraordinary for their simplicity of form. The modern geometric shapes are versatile and add a pop of color to any interior” ~Alexandra Champalimaud / Interior Designer


Maison des Jours Meilleurs | | Galerie Patrick Seguin | aluminum & wood 1956

“My favorite of many favorites is the Maison des Jours Meilleurs from Jean Prouvé at Seguin. I love it and would be happy to move in immediately. After all, every day living in it promises to be one of ‘my jours meilleurs’.” ~Sam Keller / Director, Fondation Beyeler


1050 lamp | | Galleria O. | aluminum & polished brass 1951

“The Gino Sarfatti 1050 Lamp looks like a casual constellation of different as found objects: the strange sculptured basement, the yellow spot and the pink round element on the top. These happy fellows form together an ambiguous and ironic presence in the room. It is static but at the same time it looks like it is going to move. It creates a new spatial perception oscillating between balance and instability. Looking at this Lamp you may find yourself wondering if something is wrong about it. There´s no answer. And this doubt makes it perfect.” ~Simona Malvezzi / Architect, Kühn Malvezzi


Ironing board coffee table | | R 20th Century | wood & brass 1952

“I have always been intrigued with designs created in the mid twentieth century. Equally, I enjoy the fact that this particular piece of furniture has drawn its inspiration from an utilitarian object of the everyday life. For me, it is timeless and poetic – it also possesses a sense of unassuming simplicity and is genuinely functional.” ~Andre Fu / Interior Designer, AFSO

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