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The new bmw bike.

bmw chose europe’s largest , vattenfall cyclassics, held in hamburg, this past weekend, to debut their two latest models: the alize and the diablo.

above: diablo

above: alize

As you may have guessed, those aren’t cars, but high-performance bikes cooked up in a collaboration between BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA and sporting equipment manufacturer NeilPryde. As NeilPryde is best known for their windsurfing gear, it’s a departure of form for both sides.

above: monocoque frameset

Bike geeks who can’t muster the $3,950 – $5,400 price tag will definitely want to check out the behind the scenes look of the design process, which includes innovations in aerodynamics like the optimized profile and extended Kamm tail design. For the Diablo, the team developed an “exoskeleton design of continuous carbon fibers fully integrated into the monocoque front triangle‚Ķresulting in a frameset that has been optimized for its unique material characteristics.”

designers: designworksusa
producers: neilpryde

vattenfall cyclassics
behind the scenes look:”

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