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Shaw house for sale. Stanley saitowitz.

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Love, love, love it. But, and it’s been asked before, where does ”stuff’ go? The Shaw is for sale. A stripped and rebuilt 1960s house at the top of Russian Hill.

The base is a stucco wall with perforated stainless apertures. The bay above, glazed with channel glass, becomes a singular defining element. The interior is a world of stone and glass, a tranquil setting for the functions of the house. Five levels are linked by an existing elevator and a reconfigured stair, which floats away from the walls. The garage is on the first level, with a garden room above for caretaker and pets. On the next level is a bedroom in the bay; dressing and bath areas are arranged in a line, and a media and music room adjacent. The kitchen and formal dining room are on the fourth level, and the living room, its windows framing a panorama of the San Francisco Bay, and terrace are at the top of the house. The terrace railing is etched glass, which screens the rooftops in the foreground and reflects the water beyond. Serene, reflective, and empty, the house provides a peaceful refuge in the city.

designer: stanley saitowitz
built | completed: 1960 | 2003
location: russian hill, san francisco, usa
layout: 5 level, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath
listed: 20 april 2012 | $6,980,000 usd

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