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Rumi formichino.

rumi1955-11955 | click > enlarge

Here’s an interesting skooter. The last ones were made in 1958. There seems to be many still on the road along with fan clubs world-wide. As popular as the bike appears disappointed there were no decent videos to be found.


rumi-58-21958 | an all chrome model about $8K USD


The entire body (with exception of the front forks, crash rails and leg shields) were produced in cast aluminium with the front and rear castings bolted to the engine to form a monocoque which resulted in a light and rigid construction, the rear swinging arm, chain case and silencer box were also constructed in cast aluminium. These models had originally 8-inch wheels but by 1958 they reverted to 10 inch, which gave a better stability and ground clearance.

rumi57-21957 | there are races worldwide too

In 1952 Rumi was producing the “sports” and “super sport” motorcycle models, (single and twin carburetor versions respectively). The “super sport” was superseded by the “” or “Gobbetto” a pure factory racer, a “” won the in 1954. Also 1954 brought the production of the Formichino or Little ant scooter, which was reputedly designed by .

In 1957/58 and 1960 Rumi won the famous Bol d’Or 24-hour races at Montlhery in France and subsequently Rumi produced the Bol d’or scooter named after the race.



In the UK it sported dropped handlebars, chrome plated aluminium cylinders and twin carburetors but the French version favored the Bol d’Or with a single 22mm carburetor. Unfortunately during the 1960s Rumi went into liquidation and the archangel of the Rumi motorcycles and scooters went back to his prime love of being a sculptor and artist. [ rumi formichino ]

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