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Osso by bouroullec’s. Preview milan 2011.

The Bouroullec brothers working with Mattiazzi will present ‘Osso’ (engl.: ‘Bone’), a new solid wooden chair for the small, family-owned company that has been manufacturing chairs for others since about forty years. The chair’s processing is based on highly skillful handcraft combined with a sophisticated CNC set of tools.

“We were particularly interested by the fact that all the equipment is powered by solar energy and that the wood is coming from the surrounding areas to be carefully selected without the use of any chemical treatments. They came back to the basics and this is precisely what piqued our interest and our fascination for the Mattiazzi family’s endeavor”, the Bouroullec’s explain.

“As designers, we feel involved in supporting such valiant micro-structures that are always on the edge as they try to adjust to a constantly changing market.”

MATTIAZZI Salone del Mobile Hall 6 Booth F32B + Fuorisalone Kaleidoscope, Gallery Corso Buenos Aires 10, entrance Via Giovanni Masera

Osso collection ­ 2011
Osso chair
500 x 450 x 750 mm

Osso armchair
500 x 500 x 750 mm

Osso stool
450 x 450 x 450 mm

Osso small stool
450 x 450 x 350 mm

oak, mapple, ash plain wood

designer: ronan & erwan bouroullec
producer: mattiazzi

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