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James turrell creates his largest-ever walk-in light museum installation.

ganzfeld piece: bridget’s bardo | click >enlarge

American light artist has created his largest-ever walk-in in a museum context: an 11-meter-high, ‘space within a space’ structure that covers a floor area of 700 square meters and reaches up to the glass roof of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. Turrell’s “Ganzfeld Piece: Bridget’s Bardo” is a hollow construction divided into two parts. The two interconnecting chambers ‘the Viewing Space’ and the ‘Sensing Space’ are both completely empty and flooded with slowly changing colored light. The Kunstmuseum is showing The Wolfsburg Project along with a number of Turrell’s other works in the most extensive by the artist in Germany to date. [ kunstmuseum wolfsburg ] [ james turrell ]

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