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Isaac julien. Art basel miami 2010.

view of ten thousand waves. nine-screen installation, 35mm film transferred to high definition, 9.2 surround sound, 49 min 41 sec.

Isaac Julien/Creative Caribbean Network at the Bass Museum of in partnership with PUMA.Creative presents the most comprehensive of the artist’s work in the last ten years. The features the US premiere of the installation Ten Thousand Waves along with films and photographs from earlier series Paradise Omeros, Better Life, Baltimore, and Vagabondia. In subtle yet complex narratives, Julien’s body of work is a meditation on the cultural impact of global migration. His installations are presented on an epic scale; poetic and -historical references are interwoven into frank portrayals of human drama.

Conceived and made over four years, Ten Thousand Waves meld the legendary siren of Chinese cinema Maggie Cheung; rising star of Chinese film Zhao Tao; poet Wang Ping; master calligrapher Gong Fagen; artist Yang Fudong; acclaimed cinematographer Zhao Xiaoshi; and a 100-strong Chinese cast and crew. The film’s original musical score is by fellow East Londoner Jah Wobble and The Chinese Dub Orchestra and contemporary classical composer Maria de Alvear.

above: excerpts from 10,000 waves

above: excerpts from “better life”

above: excerpts from “baltimore”

10,000 waves
issac julien
shanghai eye
art-it asia
isaac julien ” baltimore

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