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Hummingbird rocking chair. Milan 2012.

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After conducting an ergonomic study of office seating, designers Agata Karolina and Dana Cannam collaborated on the , which was included in The Front Room‘s stellar presentation at Ca’Laghetto, Via Laghetto, Milan, during the 2012. We usually associate a rocking chair with slow evenings on the porch, but Karolina and Cannam designed the Hummingbird to act as a meeting place between work and relaxation. When you’re seated upright at your desk it acts as a normal desk chair, but with just a slight tilt and shifting of weight “the chair creates an embracing sensation, producing the feeling of calm.” It’s perfect for an afternoon work break, just tilt back and away from your desk, relax, and then shift your weight forward when you’re ready to get back to your busy day.

I love the use of color and materials (I’m a sucker for anything with felt) and how it comes with a blanket that rolls up like a rucksack during the work day and unrolls when you want to take a break – and maybe a nap, too. From Karolina and Cannam:

“The hummingbird is a contemporary take on a classic rocking chair. The name reflects the calm state of suspension between being engaged and deep relaxation…The objects that surround us must adapt to a richer mix of uses, housing types, living and work situations. The Hummingbird accentuates this dynamic lifestyle without sacrificing the value of history and simplicity.”

Hummingbird is available from The Front Room’s online shop for $4,204.

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What a terrific idea for an ergonomic office chair that doubles as a relaxing rocking chair for those much needed breaks. I would probably go for a little thicker cushion for the seat though.

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