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House vision. Kenya hara.

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was a three-week-long exhibition last March in Tokyo. Curated by Kenya Hara, it’s his vision of the future of the Japanese house, looking ahead 30-40 years. He along with his inner circle of visionary’s believe it’s their responsibility to make their visions in their heads a reality, i.e., as real as an exhibit can be: at 1:1 scale where visitors walk-in, touch, can “get it”. Much of the materials have be repurposed from something else, another group environmental statement. The design team includes , , , , , , , , and , among others.

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3-4> #1 beyond the residence | lixil x toyo ito
5-6> #2 house of movement and energy | x sou fujimoto
7> #3 local community area principles | riken yamamoto & hirokazu suemitsu & toshiharu naka
8-10> #4 house of suki | sumitomo forestry x hiroshi sugimoto
11-12> #5 house of furniture | x shigeru ban
13-14> #6 superlative space | x yuri naruse & jun inokuma
15-16> #7 edited house | tsutaya books x real tokyo estate
18-18 > store
1,2,19-21> house vision

photography courtesy of nacása & partners inc | naoyafujii

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Here is what I think may be one of the coolest shows of the year by my favorite guy Kenya Hara. From the [ Architecture for Dogs ] in Miami to [ House Vision ] in Tokyo, this guy is arguably one of the greatest curators alive.

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