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Gesture chair. Steelcase.


Revolutions in office technology produce revolutions in office furniture design. The typing pool gave way to the cube farm which in turn gave way to open “team” table. The famously became the symbol of Silicon Valley in the dot com boom.



Now the rise of mobile phones and pads as dominant work tools has inspired Steelcase to reinvent the office chair. Based on what Steelcase design chief said were surveys of the habits of 2000 people in eleven countries around the world, the company will offer the beginning this fall. It will be shown at Neocon in June.

looked at what Ludwig called the new environment of the office, where people work and sit more casually. The researchers talking to workers defined nine distinct new postures, such as the “swipe.” These postures conditioned the design of the new chair, with such innovations as arms that move up and down easily. The back and seat move more flexibly together; the chair, says, encourages people to move around every so often.

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