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Form in void: cardboard and plywood furniture.

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Less than a year after he completed his Masters in Architecture at Brighton University, founded Form in Void atelier, where he focuses on designing products made of repurposed waste materials. Defining waste as a “material without an assigned application,” Julio assigns it one, “rejecting any sentiment that unimaginatively consigns usable materials to landfills.” His inaugural product is a seating series made from recycled tubes and finished in organic hardwax oil. The joinery is extremely simple, and uses only dowels and glue.

“I wanted to subvert the convention that assigns novelty to recycled materials, the “Oh look it’s cardboard!” factor is a response I dread. Instead I treat each material I use as just that, material,” Thomas said.

The cardboard legs are as strong as they are commonplace, and Thomas ensures that each piece is “designed to be durable enough to withstand sustained use.” More than that, his production process generates “almost zero waste.” So why does a simple cardboard and plywood stool cost £329 and the desk in the series a whopping £1299? Great question. Chalk it up to student loans?

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