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Famously creative writing instruments. Acme studios.

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was founded in Los Angeles in 1985 by and his wife, . ACME made its first appearance with a limited edition collection of jewelry designed for them by , the LA-based member of the world renowned Memphis Group. Soon after the initial debut, ACME released a large collection of over one hundred pieces, ‘’ for ACME, with the help of writer and designer/architect, . Little did Adrian and Lesley know that this collection would dramatically change the jewelry industry the same way the Memphis Group’s furniture changed the design world.

smudge stick | peter shire

playhouse | frank lloyd wright

sorry | emiliana design

In 1997, ACME released its first collection of fine writing tools. Always on the cutting edge of design, ACME’s writing tools revolutionized a new concept in the pen industry. Having collaborated with hundreds of top designers over the years, ACME has secured a place in both the pen industry as well as the design industry. The company makes products and accessories designed by the world’s foremost architects, designers, and artists. Acme has been nominated for multiple design awards including the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award. ACME Studios writing instruments are well designed with a comfortable weight and shape. Pens are constructed using metal barrels with hand applied color images – the finest lacquers are used. Quality manufacturing is demonstrated by metal-to-metal threading. [ ] [ store locator ]

The following museum shops sell Acme online.
Cooper Hewitt Design Museum | New York NY
Indianapolis Museum of Art | Indianapolis IN  
Institute of | Boston MA   
| Washington DC (acme product inventory low. call 202.272.7706 for help)
Toledo Art Museum | Toledo OH

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