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Expo chicago 2012. Day three.

unidentified bear greets visitors at kavi gupta gallery | click > enlarge

Day three DesignApplause returns to see what we missed at the preview and find many more “objects” than anticipated. And we run into many many people, lose an iPad (found and returned in 20 minutes) by the [ Yancy Richardson Gallery (New York) ] THANK YOU! Truth be told, the early expectations of in this exposition were dashed when we learned the focus would be on art only in 2012. But we understand the demands of an inaugural event offers up but two choices, quantity or quality. Cardi Black Box (Milan) did, however, bring a liquid trilobal table by Ross Lovegrove. THANK YOU!

Ask 120 galleries (we didn’t) how were the first three days and you would get 120 opinions. The dealers we did ask (galleries who brought “objects”) were in agreement that Thursday (day one) and Friday was not all that busy, but day three was very busy and lot of art was sold. The galleries were split on who realized brisk sales. Our “objects” galleries were eager to share what they brought and the manner of sharing was diverse. Price for example. A few did not want us to publish the price. Anthony Meier Fine Arts (San Francisco) on the other hand when we we’re photographing ’s FlyFlyFly shouts out “that’s $100,000”.

Unfortunately, for this post [ Weinstein Gallery (Minneapolis) ] was not showing any beloved objects. The gallery is expecting an inquiry on their art but the question is: who made your desk and chairs? Is it art? Was it done by a designer? Desk and chairs were custom made for the gallery by Bob Lindell of Artserve. Artserve is a fine art technical service which makes picture frames for them.

It is very sad to learn that Green Gallery in Milwaukee closed as a result of a fire in July 2012. Many things can be replaced after a fire. Art is not one of them. [ green gallery ] [ fire details ]

oil spill #20 2010 | daniel beltra | catherine edelman gallery

Oil Spill is not an “object” but it supports our environmental/sustainable messaging. This is just one of a series of Daniel Beltra’s photos on the oil spill.

The above photo taken from the Collector’s Lounge where we enjoy the view and a glass of wine as we shut down our visit for the day. The lakefront along with the incredibly accommodating clouds reminds us why everyone missed . Lastly, a link to the [ kate werble gallery (New York) ] as the image we took is terrible. Our [ Preview ] post and day three have captured over 50 inspiring objects. Galleries: THANK YOU!

[ the objects ]
1> ‘liquid trilobal table’ 2010 | ross lovegrove | cardi black box (milan)
2> endless house | manuel graf | van horn (dusseldorf)
3> s/t 2012 | jorge perianes | max estrella (madrid)
4> conversation 2006 | pello irazu | galería moisés pérez de albéniz (spain)
5> last breath 2012 | rafael lozano-hemmer | max estrella (madrid)
6> seascape 2012 | shinique smith | james cohan gallery (new york)
7> zeffirelli’s easel 2012 | john henry | mccormick gallery (chicago)
8> un chinois egare 1960 | | léonard hutton galléries (new york)
9> untitled 2012 | pablo atchugarry | hollis taggart galleries (new York)
10> flyflyfly 2012 | dave muller | anthony meier fine arts (san francisco)
11> untitled no.67 | 2012 | nicholas metivier gallery (toronto)
12> untitled | | the pace gallery (new york, london, beijing)
13> aquatic assemblage: the maritime metropolis 2012 | ellen sandor, chris kemp, diana torres, and janine fron | ellen sandor (art)n studio (chicago)
14> smirk 2003 | tony oursler | gallery paule anglim (san francisco)
15> on file 2011 | chakaia | international sculpture center (hamilton, nj)
16> torso 1963 | | landau fine art (montreal)
17> sake bottles | douglas dawson gallery (chicago)
18> support | gaylen gerber | the green gallery (milwaukee)
19> mini quan 2012 | carole feuerman | international sculpture center (hamilton, nj)
20> 450 2007 | jessica stockholder | max estrella (madrid)
21> round the block 2002 | tony crag | galerie hans mayer (dusseldorf)
22> untitled (left) / cardboard sculpture 1990 | tony tasset | kavi gupta (chicago, berlin)
23> untitled 2009 | jessica stockholder | 1301pe gallery (los angeles)
24> untitled 2012 | allen ruppersberg | art institute of chicago
26> weinsteing gallery (minneapolis)
27> the green gallery (milwaukee)
28> oil spill #20 2010 | daniel beltra | catherine edelman gallery (chicago)
29> navy pier
30> title unknown | artist unknown | gavi kupta (chicago, berlin)

[ expo chicago ]
The inaugural Expo Chicago, The International Exposition of Contemporary/Modern Art and Design, will be presented at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall from 20>23 September, 2012. The new fair will open the international fall arts season and will establish Chicago as a preeminent and cultural destination. Vernissage, an exclusive opening night preview celebration benefits the Museum of Chicago.[ expo chicago ]

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Those artworks are looking good! Wish I was there to see it myself, thanks for sharing your Expo experience!

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