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Cardboard bicycle helmet. Kranium.

If you notice, more cyclists and inline skaters are wearing helmets. It’s taken awhile to get to this point. And with this increased usage we will probably see more safety testing and innovation to create a better helmet. Here’s one, Kranium, a bike helmet that is made from the same cardboard used for the boxes you find at the supermarket. The concept by design student Anirudha Surabhi was presented in October 2010 in London. The design has already been licensed to major manufacturers and may be available to buy soon.

There are questions like, “what if it rains?” The plan with the helmets is to size your head to be able to get the perfect fit. The helmet is then assembled and you pick an outer shell depending on the look you want. Pretty cool. Oops. That raises another question. [ london cyclist ] [ nutcase helmets ]

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