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Branca coat hanger by jordi blasi.

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Industrial designer Jordi Blasi specializes in minimal, practical and, most importantly, durable objects, like outdoor trash bins, large modular seating units and bottles for commercials products like beer, milk and tomato sauce. One of his most recent projects is Branca, a standing “simple and functional ” that you could use in your home, but its intended for more heavy duty repeated, daily use in an .

The first thing you might notice when you look at all the components laid out (see image below) is that there’s not a lot there – only seven pieces: a painted steel body and base and hooks made of injected strengthened plastic. By eliminating excess components – even nuts, bolts and screws – Blasi not only simplifies the assembly process and minimizes the packaging, he makes it much more economical – a major factor for anyone outfitting an entire office building, for example. Plus, it’s not as if he sacrifices on design. I love how the hooks can be used as knobs or as loops for coat hangers.

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