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Gadget piece of sh*t doesn’t f#!*ing work.

sonyshit-1News about the new stimulus package. worries. Quality of food on our grocery shelves an issue. How do you really feel?

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#1 CAM UNITED STATES on 02.11.09 at 12:32 pm

I love ‘this piece of shit!’ Sony should make more so we can have more videos like this.

The real place for stupid, fucking worthless gadgets, however, is Bed Bath & Beyond. Most of their stuff is beyond worthless!

What really hurts, however, is that you feel like a worthless piece of shit everytime you get suckered into buying a real worthless piece of shit while you’re standing in line to pay for whatever worthless gadget you shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

-glue that sticks to the top of the glue stick and nothing else
-furniture scratch ‘patch up’ pens that never match any color of wood you own or have ever seen in your whole life
-‘simply human’ trash containers whole handle blocks you from throwing trash in
-humidifiers that flash flood your living room

#2 PRand UNITED STATES on 02.12.09 at 3:10 pm

CAM! damn right!

while walking around the house last night i wrote the following – almost edit-free…

1) dumb shit
shit that is too heavy
g-d lcd’s that can’t be read in g-d daylight
button-fly trousers

2) stupid shit
radio shack ( name right on )
linens and things ( oops! )
keyboards / buttons too freakin small or too close together

3) bad shit
internet explorer
diet products
microwave ovens
sleeping meds for kids ( adults for that matter, in most cases )
sugared cereal
bottled water
sony lithium batteries

4) pisses me off
ipod that breaks right after one-year warranty is up
zippers that stick
eco hazardous shit
power eating fuckers
unsafe m-fuckers

5) good shit
google maps
google translator
peets coffee
tesla roadster ( $$$ )
starbury one basketball shoe
wind / solar shit

6) why do we buy things that don’t work?

7) the above induced me to find the museum of unworkable devices

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