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2.6B people don’t poop safely. interactive infographic.

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alert: adult language. cow pie, crap, doodie, dreck, hard-fart, kaka, log, poo, poop, poopie, prairie dog, shit, turd. if you’re still reading, keep going.

the bill and melinda gates foundation is behind yet another big movement. oops, just came out, oops again, while typing. take the rest seriously, it is. the message is unhealthy worldwide sanitation, that the as we know it is 200 years old and still stuck there. reinvent the . spread the word. maybe a big-incentive award for solving the problem similar to the challenge that elicited the latest LED light bulbs [ LED is a very hot cool light bulb ] [ the brown corporation ] [ poo bags ] [ creative potties ] [ wintr ]

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