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Alessi spring/summer 2013. Maison&Objet 2013.

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’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection again brings out the animal(s) within us. And a great deal of art and form assert without loss of function.


presents ‘Mame’ a minimalistic press-filter coffee maker. Coffee bean icon personalizes the piece.


The super star in Spring/Summer 2013 may very well be the kitschy ‘Duck Timer’ designed by Eero Aarnio. When it’s time to turn off the heat the duck quacks.


There’s quite a bit of kitchen objects including cookware, cutlery, china, oil-vinegar cruets and the duck timer among other items.

Last year’s Fall Winter 2012 collection introduced ‘Dressed” by Marcel Wonders, an effort to reposition perceived low-end aluminum cookware: Mission accomplished. In 2013 the designer introduces 18/10 stainless steel with magnetic bases to the family of cookware. Applying an exclusive deep-cut pattern to the handles and covers provides what’s needed to transition from kitchen to table.


Yet another animal is ‘Kastor’ a shiny beaver which gnaws pencils. The sharpener also functions as a paperweight.


PZ06 and PZ07. Pepper and spice caster. designer.

3> Duck Timer. Designer Eero Aarnio
4> Mame. Jasper Morrison
5> Acquerello. Colorful decoration added to last year’s bone white china. Guido Venturini
6> Dressed.
7> PCHO5/24. A set of 18/10 stainless steel fruit holders. Pierre Charpin
8> Joy n.1. A 18/10 stainless centerpiece. Claudia Raimondo
9> Tower. 5-set measuring devices inspired by balance weights. Monica Förster
10> ecco!. Fruit holder in 18/10 stainless or colored epoxy resin. Massimo Mariani
11> MU. Cutlery set. Unique hexagonal handle section “MU in Japanese. Toyo Ito
12> youSpoon. Your own personal accessory teaspoon. Marta Sansoni and LPWK
13> Kastor. Rodrigo Torres
14> CrissCross. Anodized aluminum multi-purpose basket. Eero Aarnio
15> Pick-Up. A new Alessi typology, a side-table magazine stand. Jakob Wagner
16> Mantel clock. A new edition (1988) maple-veneered clock. Michael Graves
17> PZ04 > 08. Complete set of oil.vinegar cruets, castors. Glass and 18/10. Peter Zumthor
18> A Lotus Leaf. Centerpiece in new steel colored epoxy resin added to 2012 edition. Chang Yung Ho
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