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Wool felt birdhouse.

i’m the first to admit that these birdhouses look more like alien spore than a potential nesting place for your garden’s winged visitors, but that’s also why I love them.

The long cord/rat tail is used for tying it to a tree branch, and the soft, dark and warm orb that hangs down is like a bird paradise. Made from 100% hand-felted wool, they’re not only sustainable, but they’re made by hand by a women’s NGO in South Africa that uses natural dyes and the run-off form the wool felting mill to water their rooftop garden, the produce of which is sold locally to support their efforts. Cool bird house, cool cause. Win, win. Sprout Home (Small-$49, Large, $58)

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#1 Birdhouse Builder UNITED STATES on 12.12.10 at 8:36 pm

They do kind of look like miniature pods from the movie aliens. :) That would need to be a very small bird to fit in there. What kind of birds are you trying to attract to them?

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