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Safe cycling gift ideas.

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Chicago reminds everyone that the city embraces the as evidenced in new seen behind the Merchandise Mart. The lanes promote bikes and bike safety. Here are five well-designed bike safety you should put on your gift list.

Feel dorky wearing a bicycle helmet? Nutcase creates an aesthetically dis-pleasing, strictly utilitarian experience. Helmets seemed made to be ripped off as soon as possible. [ nutcase ]

Cinch Belts offer a subtle pattern of intertwining diamonds wraps around the extremely reflective ANSI approved material of the Cinch Belts. They even reflect in the rain! [ vespertinenyc ]

bicycle lights. Stylish, luminous and pocket-sized. A slim, detachable bike light from , a Stockholm based company that makes accessories for bikes and people on bikes. [ bookman ]

Fibre Flare™  is a portable self-contained flexible solid core side emitting fibre optic element interposed between two electronic housing ends. Inside each of the housing ends is a single high intensity LED. Water resistant silicone outer housing. Powered by 2 x ‘AAA’ batteries. [ fibreflare ]

Ok, you’ve made yourself safer. What about your bike? The innovation for all cyclists, whether hobby cyclists or pros protects two-wheels with a high theft risk using this foldable lock. [ abus bordo granit x-plus ]

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